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Fierce Friday: Let the Sunshine in with Yellow Nail Polish

Fierce Friday: Let the Sunshine in with Yellow Nail Polish

Yellow fingernails?  Yep, it's the trend.  Again… Rihanna rocked yellow nail polish during her raven-haired period, and most recently, Seal was seen with yellow fingernails after his split with Heidi Klum.  Hmmm, what would make a man paint his fingernails yellow?

Apparently, the Hollywood set revels in yellow nail polish after a failed romance.  Why? A sunny manicure is the perfect way to face the reality of the worst break-up.  Take off the wedding ring and put on the yellow nail polish, just just like Seal did. 

Put some yellow in your life when you want:
– clarity for decision-making
– relief from 'burnout', panic, nervousness, exhaustion
– sharper memory and concentration skills
– protection from depression during dull weather

Check out some celebrity takes on yellow nail polish:

1.  Solange

Try: Chanel Mimosa Le Vernis —Summer 2011 Collection $26

And the matchy, matchy dress/nail polish thing really isn't so irritating here, no?

2.  Rihanna

Try: NYX Matte Yellow $4.00

Can you hear that song in your head? Just put on a haaa-pyyyy faaaace!

3.  Seal

Try: Pure Ice Excuse Me $1.99

Auf wiedersehen.  Say it in your best Heidi Klum Project Runway voice.

4.  Katy Perry

Try: Deborah Lippmann Yellow Brick Road $16

Katy's yellow fingernails are mos def hot, not cold. Or, Fierce, not _____. 

5. Kelly Rowland

Try: Sinful Colors in Unicorn $1.99

Put yellow nail polish your ring finger.  And a put a big ring on it too.

It's Friday!  Get Fierce!

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