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Fierce Friday: Get Banged

Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking hair. I’m talking about rocking ferocious bangs.  It’s Friday so change it up.  Get fierce.  Rock some bangs. While I’m not one to follow trends (I pride myself on doing my own chic thing) I happen to love bangs.  As a matter of fact, I have worn various versions of bangs over the years, with my favorite being blunt cut bangs that graze the eyebrows.  Now that’s hot.  (Say it with a little Paris Hilton in your voice)  But, being in that phase of my life when personal summers may attack at any given moment, my bangs most often give way to a fringe of frizz.  Not cute.

What I love about bangs is that all focus is on the eyes. So whoever is checking you out can’t help but look you dead in the peepers.  Be sure that your eye makeup is perfect.  Emphasize your lashes — go faux or wear plenty of mascara. Accent cheekbones with a shimmery blush and gloss up lips and you are good to go!

So check everyone who is wearing the eyebrow fringe right now!

Beyonce’ is wearing the blunt bangs with a little side sweep. Rihanna sports a deep bang with a dark streak.  Naomi’s bangs happen to be my favorite.  Not quite perfect yet perfect for her gorgeous face. Tyra has a sophisticated side-swept bang working a little camouflage action.  I love Keri Hilson’s bangs too. Soft, not at all severe and hitting the brows.  And Jennifer Hudson does the severe blunt cut bang, but she works it out!

Celebrity Stylist Ted Gibson has some pointers for maintaining and trimming your own bangs.  Please don’t make my fatal mistake of trimming to the point of no return!

1.  Hair must be completely dry.

2.  Cut iris to iris.  Avoid cutting into hairline.

3.  Cut vertically, not horizontally. This allows for a softer fringe, not a hard edge.

4.  Use a small shear.

Check out Ted’s video lesson on how to cut bangs.

It’s Friday. Get Fierce! Get Bangs!

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