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Budget Beauty Tuesday: Editor’s Pick—Modella Cosmetic Bags for Travel or Your Purse

Budget Beauty Tuesday: Editor’s Pick—Modella Cosmetic Bags for Travel or Your Purse

I cannot live without several bags for my all my cosmetic “stuff.”  I have a case for my night skin care and one for my day skin care.  I have a case for my personal mega-makeup stash at home, and I have a few for my purses.  I use them to sort my dozens of red lipsticks,  from face products to my eye makeup.

I have a wonderful collection of Modella Bags that I have put in rotation since spring for all the above mentioned uses.  The good news for me is that I can stuff them to the brim and not worry about zippers busting or the contents spilling out in my purse or suitcase. The Spring 2013 Collection of Modella cases has something for every taste — from zebra print to pink dots.

I’m showing the contents of a couple of my bags — please do not judge me… You can get a sense of my favorite brands and how much stuff I lug around.  And I have no idea why I carry that much makeup on a daily basis, but I do.  It makes me happy.  And my Modella cosmetic bags keep me organized, which adds to my happiness.

My Modella Bag Number 1:

Holds my lippies, mascara, eyeliner and other related items…

my modella bag 1for lips and eyes


My Modella Bag Number 2:

Holds my CC Creams, tinted moisturizers, powders and other complexion items.

My modella bag number 2

My Modella Bag Number 3:

Skin care at it’s best!  Yes, I use all this, and more…

my Modella bag 2



Bling Factor:

Pro: Variety of styles, wear well, price point

Con: None

Price: Under $10 up

Buy Again: Yes

Packaging: 5 Blings — lots of variety!

Overall:  5 Blings

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  • Toya

    Omgosh! I do the same thing lol designated bags, within bags…organization is 😉