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Beauty News: Sean “Diddy” Combs Announces Kelly Rowland as Empress Spokesbeauty

Beauty News: Sean “Diddy” Combs Announces Kelly Rowland as Empress Spokesbeauty

As we recently reported, Sean "Diddy" Combs is launching Empress, the female counterpart to his award-winning men's cologne I Am King. 

“EMPRESS expresses the power of beauty and power of all women. While there are many ladies out there who embody the essence of my new women’s fragrance, I think Kelly Rowland is a perfect example of a modern day Empress. With her incredible talent and beauty, she will help me spread the word about my newest signature fragrance. I am excited to have her on board with me as I launch what I believe is the most powerful fragrance ever,” says Combs. 

Representing the modern day Empress, Rowland will make personal appearances in both retail and media settings speaking on behalf of Empress and Combs himself. She will be engaged via social and online networking to spread the message of female empowerment and the power of beauty to her fans and fans of the Sean John women’s fragrance brand alike.

Mutually inspired by their affinity for fashion, unparalleled sense of social grace and international style icon status, Combs and Rowland are true complements to each other for the launch of this fragrance.  “I decided to be an Empress Ambassador because I stand behind the notion of what the fragrance represents,” says Rowland.  “We are starting a movement with Empress!  Every woman is beautiful, powerful in her own right.”

“I’ve been fortunate to have been inspired by many Empresses throughout my life, and thought it was only fitting that the message of my new women’s fragrance be delivered by a true Empress herself, and Kelly is just the woman to help me do it,” added Combs.

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  • I’ll be buying this fragrance, I really liked unforgivable.

    • We would love to know what you think when you try it out!