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Look Better Naked: Top 5 Exfoliating Body Lotions

Look Better Naked: Top 5 Exfoliating Body Lotions

Who among us doesn’t want to retain the beautiful, youthful and radiant skin we were born in? I’m sure we all do; or at least I do! That is the reason why skin care products are gaining more recognition each day. You can’t turn the channel or flip through a magazine without seeing some new […]

Budget Beauty Tuesday: Tinted Moisturizers — Be a Mixologist

Yesterday I expressed my love of tinted moisturizers. And a reader a couple comments came up about do-it-yourself tinted moisturizers and less expensive versions.  Both of which I planned to address today on my Budget Beauty Tuesday post. How do you make your own tinted moisturizer? Sooo easy.  I used to do it all the […]